I’ve slowly started to expand my photography to include portrait sessions. I’ve had some help along the way, thanks to my girl Amanda. She’s been instrumental in encouraging me and allowing me to take photos of her to help improve on this skill.

Taking photos of a product or food is one thing- you can manipulate the settings around you to make sure you get the perfect shot each time. It’s a little more difficult to photograph people, even more so in an outdoor setting. The lighting aspects can make it hard and I’m also learning what poses are flattering for each person.

Amanda and her boyfriend, Mike, asked me to do a portrait session earlier today. We chose Cypress Grove Park for the location and began shooting after 4pm, in order to capture the light of the sun setting. I had such a fun time shooting these two! I even pulled out my special playlist to get them to laugh and feel more relaxed.

Arlene Laboyportraits