Hey! I’m a brand and food photographer based out of Central Florida. I graduated from UCF in 2012, and I’m super passionate about Orlando and love all things local. aside from photography, i am the managing editor of Orlando Date Night Guide.

My Myers Briggs personality type is ISFJ and my Enneagram is 3w2. you’ll most likely see me snapping photos of creative women or the best local food in the city, or listening to Beyoncé or a podcast while working from one of my favorite coffee shops.


I’m Your Photographer If:

  1. You’re frequently up late working on your passion

  2. You’re right-brained

  3. You value real moments over posed photographs

  4. You listen to Beyoncé to get in the zone

  5. You know your brand identity, and need imagery that embodies your style

  6. You’re the kind of person who goes above and beyond for your family, friends and clients

  7. You’re the go-to friend for recommendations on local places to try

Organized, enthusiastic, and personable, she makes the process of styling products or people a joy. She is nearly always the very first photographer I suggest to businesses or brands looking for images that capture the true heart of who they are. 
— Jenny De Witt, Townie Tourist
Arlene has a skilled eye for photography and has taken our product shots to a whole new level of professionalism. I highly recommend her!