Photography Services


Personal Brand Session

Rates starting at $250

People Connect With People.

My approach to Personal Brand Photography is one that allows your clients or audience a look into what a day in your life is like. Whether that involves candid shots of you at the office, a look into your home, or close-up shots of your tools, the purpose is to showcase all the facets that are unique to you and your brand.


Food & Drink Session

Rates starting at $250

Food & Drink Photography sets you apart.

 Think about the last time you saw a commercial for your favorite restaurant. How did the food and drinks look to you? I bet you wanted to go to that restaurant because your mouth was watering, right? Showcasing your food and drink menu items in a pleasing manner is important. A great photo can make all the difference between a customer coming to your restaurant and a customer going to your competitors.


Product Photography

Rates starting at $250

Product Photography allows you to showcase your brand to your customers.

When you’re looking through social media, think about the advertisement and products that stand out to you. The moment your eyes land on a photo that is visually stunning, you know whether or not you want to purchase the product after a few seconds. Your competitors are not using blurry images to sell their products - they are using high quality, attention grabbing images in order to make the sale.


Arlene is a consummate professional. She is an absolute joy to work with and her work always exceeds expectations. Arlene has a skilled eye for photography and has taken our product shots to a whole new level of professionalism. I highly recommend her!

/ Jami Wray, Co-Owner of Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park /  Satisfied Client  /